ElliptiGO Spare Parts

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SKU Compatible with Name Price
CA-LT-01 3C, 8C, 11R Arm, Crank - L AL 7075-T6 £60.49
CA-RT-01 3C, 8C, 11R Arm, Crank - R AL 7075-T6 £120.99
DA-AV-01 3C, 8C Arm, Drive Alloy Version (does not inlcude foot platform) £120.99
DA-CF-01 11R Arm, Drive Carbon Fiber £285.99
AN-01 8C, 11R Axle Nuts £0.83
AX-CL-01 3C, 8C, 11R Axle, Crank-L £5.49
AX-CR-01 3C, 8C, 11R Axle, Crank-R £5.49
BP-BK-02 All products Brake Pads, Tektro BR 7113 £6.59
FS-BU-01 11R Bushing, Steering £2.19
FK-TS-01 3C, 8C C Series Fork £76.99
CN-32-86 3C Chain, 3 speed £9.89
CN-32-88 8C, 11R Chain, 8 speed and 11 speed £9.89
CV-DA-01 All products Cover, Drive Arm Bearing ("GO Cap") £5.49
FS-AS-01 11R Folding Steering Assembly £186.99
FP-PA-01 3C, 8C Foot Platform £21.99
FW-20-01 All products Front Wheel Assembly £109.99
CB-BF-01 3C, 8C, 11R Front Brake Cable £3.29
GT-DA-01 11R Grip Tape, Drive Arm - 11R £2.74
GT-DA-02 3C, 8C Grip Tape, Drive Arm - C Series £2.74
GP-BE-01 8C, 11R Grips, Ergon w/ Barend (set of 2) £54.99
HS-15-01  All products Headset £41.79
KS-BK-01 3C, 8C, 11R Kickstand £28.59
KS-CA 3C, 8C, 11R Kickstand Cap £0.83
LW-15-01 3C, 8C, 11R Load Wheel £8.79
MN-EB-01 All products Manual £2.48
TP-BU-01 8S Paint - Touch Up - Blue (YS7488) £4.94
TP-CL-01 All products Paint - Touch Up - Clear Coat £4.94
TP-GR-01 3C, 8C Paint-Touch Up - Green (YS 7794) £4.94
TP-BK-01 3C, 8C Paint-Touch Up-Black (YS 728) £4.94
TP-OG-01 3C, 8C Paint-Touch Up-Orange £4.94
TP-RD-01 3C, 8C Paint-Touch Up-Red £4.94
FP-BK-01 3C, 8C, 11R Plate, Fender Plastic £13.19
QR-FW-01 3C, 8C, 11R Quick Release: Front £9.34
QR-BK-02 3C, 8C, 11R Quick Release: Long £9.34
QR-BK-01 11R Quick Release: Short £9.34
FK-FD-01 11R R/S Series Fork £76.99
CB-BR-01 3C, 8C, 11R Rear Brake Cable £5.49
RF-RR-02 3C, 8C, 11R Rear Reflector Kit, Red £3.84
RW-RI All products Rear Wheel Rim £27.49
RW-20-11 11R Rear Wheel Assembly - 11 speed £923.99
RW-20-03 3C Rear Wheel Assembly - 3 speed £181.49
RW-20-08 8C Rear Wheel Assembly - 8 speed £604.99
RS-20-01 All products Rim Strips £0.94
SH-11R 11R Shifter - 11R £87.99
SH-3C 3C Shifter - 3C £32.99
SH-8C 8C Shifter - 8C £49.49
CB-08-01 3C, 8C, 11R Shifter Cable £3.58
RR-05-01   3C, 8C, 11R Spiral Retaining Rings £0.47
SN-BK-01 All products Spoke Nipples £0.28
SK-BK-51 8C, 11R Spoke, Rear Drive Side 1X BK 151 mm L £0.50
SK-BK-152 8C, 11R Spoke, Rear Non Drive Side 1X BK 152 mm L £0.50
SE-PG 3C, 8C, Arc Steering Extender Plugs £4.39
SA-TE 3C, 8C Telescoping Steering Column Assembly £120.99
TR-MR 11R Tire, Schwalbe Marathon Racer £36.29
TC-BK 3C, 8C, 11R Toe Cages £43.99
TI-AT-01 3C, 8C, 11R Track Insert £15.39
TI-SC 3C, 8C, 11R Track Insert Screws £0.43
TB-20 All products Tube, 20x1.25/1.5, presta £6.59
WA-01   3C, 8C, 11R Wax (1/4 Bar) £0.98
CA-0003 Arc Bolt,M6, Bottom Bracket Arc £1.64
CA-0004 Arc Bottom Bracket, Steel, Arc £49.49
DA-0003 Arc Washer, Gimbal Slide - Arc £0.54
SA-0001 Arc Toe Cages for Arc £38.49
AX-0007 Arc Brake, Rear - Arc £18.69
AX-0009 Arc Spoke Protector, Rear Wheel, Arc £3.29
AX-0008 Arc Wheel, Rear Assembly - Arc 8 Speed £120.99
AX-0010 Arc Screw, FHSC M6x20 SS £0.54
Washer, Wave £0.54
FP-0002 Arc Frame, Arc £439.99
FP-0003 Arc Frame, Arc £439.99
HW-0038 Arc Wheel, Front Assembly - Arc £98.99
PV-0001 Arc Derailleur, Rear, RD-M360-DL £38.49
RF-0007 Arc Bumper, Pin £1.64
HW-0027 Arc Axle, Crank-L, Arc £10.99
HW-0028 Arc Axle, Crank-R, Arc £10.99
HW-0034 Arc Bkt, Foot Plate L - Arc £10.99
BB-0003 Arc Bkt, Foot Plate R - Arc £10.99
BK-0008 Arc Arm, Drive Arc £54.99
BK-0007 Arc Chain, Arc (116 link) £16.49
FP-0004 Arc Arm, Crank - Left, Arc £38.49
FP-0006 Arc Stem for Arc £21.99
FP-0007 Arc Shifter - Arc £32.99
HW-0035 Arc Bkt, Gimbal £6.59
CB-0005 Arc Bolt, Chainring - Arc £6.59
CB-0006 Arc Chain Keeper £6.59
CB-0004 Arc Paint - Touch Up - Green - Arc £6.59
CS-0001 Arc Paint - Touch Up - Green - Black £6.59
CK-0001 Arc Bumper, Foot Platform Arc £3.29
CK-0002 Arc Bushing, Gimbal Pivot £3.29
CN-0004 Arc Cable, Front Brake Arc £3.29
CR-0004 Arc Chain Keeper, Plastic Piece £3.29
CR-0003 Arc Grip Tape, Drive Arm - Arc £3.29
HW-0040 Arc Cable, Rear Brake Arc £3.84
DC-0001 Arc Housing, Shifter Arc £3.84
FN-0001 Arc Rear Fender for Arc £32.99
LT-0011 Arc CatEye Rapid Mini Taillight for Arc £36.29
LT-0010 3C, 8C, 11R CatEye Rapid Mini Taillight for 3C, 8C, 11R £36.29